Sails without Borders

“Marechal Rondon” project of the Brazilian coast

The project “Velas Sem Fronteiras” has the mission of bringing humanitarian aid to the coastal / coastal peoples, in partnership with the French association – International Solidarity Association VOILES SANS FRONTIÈRES , showing social results from the interventions / support of students and lecturers associated with the project, the Brazilian populations living in difficult situations without access to education, technology and medical and health care. Expeditions for this purpose will be carried out with students trainees of the courses of engineering, oceanography, medicine, dentistry, among others, during their school vacations, or during curricular periods, and will be systematically documented by professionals and students of cinema and journalism, creating a series Videos, showing the experience of the trainees in the communities and the results of their interventions. For this, partner companies of the project should provide strategic and financial support to solve some basic problems and at the same time critical to the locals as health and energy. For example, environmental sanitation guidelines, development of energy systems based on solar, wind and biomass for food storage, especially fishery products, electric light, television, access to education and to the world wide web.