Discover the technical characteristics of the Sailboat ECO.

It is a 6083 Naval Aluminum sailboat – 5083 H116 60 feet, welded with TIG and MIG latest technologies, being great part by the methods automatized. Hosts up to 9 people for overnight surveys, including researchers and crew. It has characteristics of safety and navigability, allowing large scientific expeditions, including polar, particularly to the Antarctica. As detachable features, its design with electric motor (no noise) and retractable keel, will allow navigation in shallow waters of rivers and estuaries; Areas that are very sensitive to urban densities and waterways.

The Veleiro ECO

The ECO Sailboat was designed to provide navigation support to the development of scientific expeditions and human resource training in the areas of oceanic engineering, Marine environment, oceanography, marine biology, climate change and related topics.